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Montague's Garden

Indoor outdoor space

The Montague’s Garden

Mr and Mrs Montague wanted to make better use of their old disjointed courtyard area and connect their kitchen and garden with a modern / maintenance free decking area for all the family to use on bright sunny days.

Accessed from the kitchen and lounge, the courtyard sat in an area surrounded by house on three sides. We replaced the old patio doors with 2 new white aluminium biĀ fold doors to open up the rooms and allow free flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

With access to the space enhanced, we set about instllaing a new decking area which helped even out the stepped levels of the courtyard. We used Millboard weathered oak planks with oak posts and rope handrails to finish and improve the aesthetic from the house.

Mr and Mrs Montague


Indoor outdoor space


Mr and Mrs Montague