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Mr & Mrs Norris

Master bedroom refurbishment

Norris Bedroom Refurbishment

The master bedroom at Mr and Mrs Norris’ house had not been altered for 27 years. They wanted their bedroom to have a spacious feel for them to relax in and enjoy.

The gable end wall had previously had a window in it and so this was bricked in before we installed 3 new velux windows to the roof, providing more usable wall space. The additional wall allowed for different room layouts moving some of the biggest items of furniture around. In turn this opened up space in the height restricted eaves area into which we built bespoke storage and wardrobes.

Whilst making the alteratons to the roof, eaves and walls we were able to improve the insulation, bringing it in line with modern standards, and move the radiator. Once all major works were complete, we replastered the entire room leaving a clean smooth finish for decoration. 

Mr & Mrs Norris


Master Bedroom Refurbishment


Mr & Mrs Norris